When do you tell your friends about your new guy?

When do you tell your friends about your new guy

Are you top-secret when it comes to your new love or are you the `tell all' gossip? Take this quiz to find out if you know when to stay silent and when it's time to break the news. Arlene Hamilton Stewart;Annalee Levine;Jana Johnson. The Love And Romance Teen Quiz Book (Kindle Locations 584-585). Kindle Edition.
1. You smooch after class. Your first call is
2. When the rumor spreads that your guy is going to ask you out, you
3. At his game, he winks at you during halftime. You
4. He calls to come over to hang out. You tell the girls you can not meet them at the diner because
5. Your mom asks why you're baking cookies, you reply:
6. At the movies with the gang, you sit
7. The girls say they spotted you flirting in class, you say:
8. The girls catch you with a pic of him in your locker. You
9. In front of your friends, he offers you a ride home. You _a. say, "No thanks:'
10. When you and he get nominated for prom king and queen, you tell the girls: