What do your gift tell him?


Giving special things to your guy is wonderful. Guy gifts can be as romantic as one perfect flower or as spontaneous as a batch of freshly baked choc o'chips. But every gift comes with an invisible message-one that says something about the way the giver cares. Find out how good you are at the language of gifts with this quiz.


1. You know hes broke. But it is Christmas. Whats the right thing to do?
2. Fixing things is his passion. Whats better than
3. Hes often told you hed rather have a root canal than a surprise party. But his best bud is planning one for him. What to do?
4. He loves handmade things. You give him
5. He made the team! How would you celebrate?
6. It is his birthday. Hes always yearned for a puppy. You give him
7. Food treats are a great way to his heart. You treat him to
8. Valentines Day, you will make
9. His mom gave his old Beatles Rubber Soul album to the yearbook fund-raiser. You
10. He has a secret soft spot for babies. Knowing that, you