Is he insanely jealous?

A drop of jealousy can be healthy and add spice to a romance, but too much can make you sick. Measure his jealousy blood pressure with this quiz-to see if he's ready to burst a vessel or within normal limits. 

1. When another guy tells you you look hot, he
2. If he finds you flirting with a hunky guy, he says:
3. The last time you wore that sports bra, he
4. He learns the guy you used to crush on has called you. He
5. While in the mall, two young guys whistle at you. He
6. If he could pick out your shoes, they would be
7. When he learned you baked your old beau a big batch of birthday cookies, he
8. When reading your yearbook, he came across some passionate autographs. He
9. When you tell him you are going to the mall with your buds, do you spot him spying from behind the food court?
10. Does he snoop in your locker?