How Well Do You Listen to Relationship Signals?

When it comes to reading signs of a relationship, are you clued in or clueless? Do you always know when things are on the right track or if they are heading downhill? Take this quiz and find out if you are tuning in to the right signals!
1. When your guy says it is over, you hear:
2. Rumors are flying that he is cheating, you
3. When your boyfriend seems sad on the phone but says he is "fine," you
4. You spend lots of time with his buds but he rarely hangs with your girls. You assume
5. Your friends say he has a bad rep, but he swears his slate is clean. You
6. He wants some space after a bad breakup before getting involved. You think
7. When he is talking, you have been known to
8. He says, "We need to talk;" and you say:
9. He mentions the prom but then seems to lose interest. You
10. Lately, he is been canceling plans at the last minute. You wonder:

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