Help! I’m Involved with Two Guys at Once!

Are you digging yourself into a hole the size of a soccer field? Being the center of two guys' attention is fun, but you could also be making a huge mistake. Take this quiz to find out if two is twice as much fun-or double trouble!
1. Do you regularly date two guys at once?
2. Have you kissed two guys in one night before?
3. Do the two guys know about your "arrangement"?
4. If not, are you feeling overwhelmed by the stress of keeping your excuses straight?
5. And, are you constantly screening your calls when one guy is over?
6. Do the guys have other "loves" too?
7. Would you ever think about lying to your guy to cover up another hookup?
8. Are you feeling confused?
9. Do you usually get bored with just one guy?
10. Have you done this before?
11. Do you like to play hard to get with most guys?
12. Do you need to be the center of attention?
13. Is dating really a game to you?
14. Do you like having one man long distance and one close to home?
15. Does dating more than one guy make you feel in charge?
16. Are you known to have crushed on many people at once?
17. Do your friends know?
18. Do they think it