Are you a go-getter?


Go-Getter Girl
Are you a go-getter? Do you make the most of every chance you're given or do you let opportunity pass you by? Take a quiz

1. The guy you like is at the track meet. Theres an open space next to him on the bleachers and you need a place to sit. You:
2. You get a mass e-mail from a friend of a friend whos starting a band and looking for people to audition. You play the drums so you:
3. Theres a hot new guy in school and your English teacher asks whod like to help him get caught up on the book you have been reading. Do you volunteer?
4. A friend leaves her iPod at your house. You
5. Your parents decide to take scuba diving lessons and offer to pay for you to learn, too. Do you do it?
6. There is an extra-credit mini essay question at the end of a super-long history exam. How much effort do you give it?
7. You are at a street fair with your buds and you see a booth selling garlic ice cream. Do you try some?
8. Your friends parents are big into going to the symphony. They have extra tickets for a performance and your bud asks if you would like to go. even though its not really your thing. Do you?