Selena Gomez paper doll

            Paper doll is quite classic game for girls. Possibly when the paper production came to the level of wide available resource, paper doll appeared to be very popular among the girls all over the world. You draw the doll's body, cut it out, then you draw the clothes, cut it out and put it on. Very simple, and  interesting to spend time, those days. Keep in mind that there were not much stuff to draw it from somewhere, no special girls games, so the had to cut it out from fashion magazines, books, and any other polygraph production of last century. Also not everybody could draw it, but everybody wish to play.

            Now days it's look quite outdated, especially when you can play more animated on-line games like Sevelina. However Sevelina suggest you something better, you take prepared picture with one of the Sevelina's paper doll, print it and cut it out, so you save the time on your drawing.

            Here Sevelina suggests you Selena Gomez paper doll to try. I'm sure you like her, she is smart, cute; she can sing and dace, she got wonderful boyfriend Justin Biber. They are such perfect couple. But what is worth to tell  about that she got style. Look at her dressup, everything is so accurately and smoothly fit to her character,  hard to find what is odd, everything is on its place, right colors, perfect sizes, no less no more, Selena Gomez is who she is. This particular game is focused on her celebrity style, red dresses for VIP red carpets entrance, dress for paparazzi. Selena will be perfect in Sevelina's dressup she prepared for her. Don't forget about bags and shoes, this is a must attribute for any celebrity, and… Selena is not an exception Enjoy it :

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Boring to print and play these paper dolls? Play with Selena online:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

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