Razor A5 Lux Scooter



Hello and welcome Sevelina fun and their parents. Today’s review is quite unusual. I bet here will be the product any girl like. A scooter! Yes, old school mechanical scooter, you stand up, push on leg while standing at the scooter with another leg and you move on! Very practical toy, good for body and health, makes moving around the neighborhood significantly faster (that’s what the postmen like either). On the top of it a group of girls can socialize by gathering in the park and riding around all together. It is very safe transportation after walking using your own legs, much sager than rollers and boards. Anyway a simple helmet will be a definite plus.  
It is highly recommended for girl’s age from 8. Though allowed 220-pound weight capacity will afford parents to ride it from time to time. Don’t forget that greater performance can be achieved on smooth surface, though it is still designed to ride on bumpy roads and rough pavement. You will see how ergonomic and comfortable to use it with new patented rear fender brake which allow you quick stops. I will not occupy much space due to its folding design (Measures 35 by 41 by 21 inches (W x H x D))
The price looks costly but what you get for this is really amazing and worth it. It can be obtained on Amazon for reasonable price of 75 $, and I failed to find it anywhere cheaper.