Polly Pocket dress up games

Everything changes now days so quickly that I can sure that in 3-4 years nobody will remember about Selena Gomez or Justin Bibber.

That could not be said about one quite popular set of toys like Polly Pocket. They were released to the world in 1989 and still after one generation there are many followers to these wonderful dolls.

More of that since technology gas changed dramatically new cartoons and PC games appeared recently giving the new reincarnation to Polly Pocket. On the top of this flash technology allows now days to interact with Polly Pocket dolls online via dress up games, for instance on Sevelina games, by selecting the clothes for them, or to processing a wonderful make up.

Play Polly Pocket on the stage dress up game. You can also play Polly Pocket birthday dress up game here >>

Polly Pocket dress up game  Polly Pocket dress up games  polly-pocket-birthday party

  This is official website of Polly Pocket you will find great games here.

Anyway the old school dolls of Polly Pocket are still in production and widely available around the world for girls along with their motto “be fast be first”. That encourages girls for healthy physical action, sport, and adventures.  It is also nice present if you have no idea what will 8-11 years old girl likes.