❤ Magic room for girls ❤


The magic and wonders still exists in our world, due to people are such creatures, which gaining to perfection and awesomeness.  The god example of this statement is the hotel Daegu Daegu in South Korea, located in the Taegu city on the seaside. I’ve recently browsed it’s photo and decided to share with you you on sevelina.com 
magic room for girls
magic room for girls
The hotel is situated on the stony beach and it location is quite regular, nothing special about it, but he service which hotel provide, and we talking about rooms letting, is really something outstanding and mind blowing. Now some more about the core feature of this hotel.
All numbers in the hotel are suitable for families and romantic couples, though single people are not an exception. This is the real state of Art, and this is not the way it used to call art in London, where you can get room in Grand Hotel or Marriot in London, where on the wall are hanging the picture of some trashy artists for $ 30 000, and where such hotels shout out about this fact in commercials booklets, and after them their customers, trying pretend to be posh, says how they stay in the hotel where was the picture of kind of make yourself dirty in paint and wrap yourself in the paper, voila! you modern art. Koreans made everything much simpler, and what is more is more important more exiting and interesting. And definitely it cost less than in US, UK or EU. All ornament elements are made lighted by led stripes, all the corners of tables, bed and outer lines of the art on the walls. Some object including separate parts of the walls are covered by light reflecting, or luminescent painting. Some covered with light stored material, means it can glow for a long period of time without any external source of light. Quite technological approach! but not the fret worked gypsum sausages or candies, stuck around the room, in some hotel somewhere in Paris.  
To be honest the interior of majority rooms are designed for girls. So if you girls still not make up your mind about the room of you dream, here you got some ideas. 
As you can see, most interesting action is coming after light turning off… and magically the angels in the room becoming alive, and you appeared to be in the fairy tail.
interior for girls
Each room got it separate design of interior, means the you can order a standard double, but you get two absolutely different rooms inside, isn’t it nice, not the clones from B&B or Holiday Inn. Pay your attention how it looks like. If you got kid, you can motivate them to do everything by promising to visit such room again, after the spent a night there.
If you wish to try yourself as a room designer or interior decorator, it is  time to play Decor game on sevelina.com. There are rooms decorations there that can satisfy any taste. You can find fairy tail or cartoon characters suit for children, romantic themes for beloved couples, even some techno style rooms are available, and as it was stated before, rooms for families with teens. 
We can only guess how efforts it took to create all these designs, keep in mind that this is not transnational corporation, but kind of family business. Also the customer usually not an ordinary person who needs a room just to drop his body for night over, but the person who came with the purpose to experience the art during short living there. I wish to remind you again, that all perfect things in this world are usually quite simple.
Here some more luminescent decorated photos




Here you can see black&white interior, with Paris view and beloved kitties. Turn off the light, and voila !!! Woooo!!!





Here the POP Art style.


Cartoon heroes





Brain blow pink color, white sofa, marvelous view from the window, what else you can dream about ? And yes, turn the light off for eve more amazement.




Extremely romantic pink interior designed for girls, with the miracle view during the night when the light is off.
Imaging sleeping there and to see the dream about your prince coming for you!