Girl’s roller skate

What girls like ? Hm ? Yes, they like to have fun. It is hard nowadays to admire young lady with something, but there is always solution out there, of course if she is not lazy one. Guess what is it ? – Aha, this is quad roller skate. Why quad, because it is more stable and safe to start learning how to skate. Rose color, made from durable vinyl, smooth rolling wheels, secure closure, safe reliable stopping.


I saw such items twice: in Kmart and Walmart around MN state, but the price was completely unfair. I found them after in Amazon store (from various sellers with minimal for 20$).


The main question left me confused is the name of this rollers, why “Chicago Girl's Adjustable Quad Skate”, why not Vegas or Pitsburg girl? Why Chicago. Anyway, this stuff will fit to any girls since 8 years old. Try it, spend time with this happy kid, you will not regret.

Chicago Girl's Adjustable Quad Skate