Face Paint Sticks


This is amazing how people wish to change their appearance. As for women they use cosmetics. But young ladies are often prohibited by parents to do so, or some of them consider that a cosmetic is dangerous. But what if desire to try something on your face is higher than all other stereotypes. That what usually what happen with girls and they put cosmetics on the face on the bus during the way to school and clean it before step in the house. Why not just to try this new Face Paint Sticks and sit together with your daughter and make any nasty and funny painting on the face. Believe it will make more fun and good time spending than movie watching before sleep.







So here the Face Paint Sticks which will be good for any celebration or event like Halloween Costume Characters Make-up, karnavl, or a simple try before cosmetic using (even cosmetic designed for kids).

The product pack includes 6 Face Paint Sticks which any girls age of 5-10 will be happy to get, the price is miserable and the chipset I found was on Amazon.