Free PINK WordPress theme for girls


This is perfect Pink Wp theme for girls Download it >>

Here, you. I decided to seed something to free world. I’m actively using various open source products and admired by people who doing this for free. My project Sevelina is free for everybody, but new idea is to share with everybody my new WordPress theme. That means that everybody in the world will be able to download it and integrate it into the project.

So welcome! Accurate and responsive theme, specially designed for girls or other fashion projects. Made by the leader in girl’s entertainment sector Sevelina. Contains customized widgets in footer and sidebar, social icons and other customization features. Theme also provide ability to change menu options. This theme can be recommended to any project where the goal is to amaze young ladies from the first click.

Any dress up, gaming or fashion project can become more friendly and responsive if you will use my pink WordPress Theme. It’s available on WP theme locator and quite easy to install it.

What I wish to mention is to respect my efforts and keep copyright of these theme, this will be a good thank you form you if you follow this notice.