Welcome! This web site is for girls and boys who enjoy playing dress up and makeover games. I’ve started my project on May 2008 and already received very nice feedback from my visitors. I’m working on developing new games for kids every day. I’ll be happy to hear from you what you would like to see in future, any advices are welcome.

Please note, I do not allow anyone to use my creations and games whiout my permision. All my games and artworks are protected with worldwide copyright, and using my creations without my permission is illegal.

If you are interesting in game developing for your web site, plz drop me a line:




May I download your games into my computer?

I want you to make games for me, will you?

My rates for making games for others are not cheap. Keep this in mind before making me an offer.


Can I buy all your games and their rights?
Not really. It would have to be a VERY good offer.

Can I buy your characters?

Not really. It would have to be a VERY good offer.

Would you link to my site?

Contact me we can discuss it.