Selena Gomez’s Makeup Step-by-Step

How to Get Selena Gomez's Makeup Step-by-Step

How to Get Selena Gomez’s Makeup Step-by-Step

We have spotted Selena with a gorgeous look: a golden pink-ish metallic shimmery eyes and lips – a very subtle, natural but cute teen makeup for special occasions.
If you really like her style and want to try it we’ll give you a Selena’s look inspired step by step make up tut.
Let’s see how can you get it!


To get a smooth look, use your moisturizer, then prep your face with matte finish foundation – not too much, just to give the face a smooth and pretty glow.

The trick is before using the foundation, warm it up a little in your palms, then pick up small amounts at a time with a thick brush or your finger and gently brush forward until it’s completely blended into the skin. Don’t use too much powder, however if your skin is oily it’s ok to press a little bit of powder down through those oily T-zone areas, so that you don’t feel too shiny. Just remember, when applying foundation, the main idea is not to cover the skin – is to give it an even color, without looking heavy.

Pick up some reflective pearly pink shimmery eyeshadow and drench it all over the lid up to the brow bone. Then find your crease line and apply some gold shadow on your crease and start blending. Optionally, you can put some more golden eyeshadow to the crease to give depth and intensity to the eyes. The secret of the perfect eye makeup stands in blending – don’t forget to blend all colors together smoothly to get rid of any harsh lines.To mark the lash line you can use a blue, green, purple or mocca eye liner; or if you’re using pressed eyeshadow just get a thin brush, wet it and squeeze out the water so it’s just damp; then pick up some eye shadowSelena Gomez's Makeup Step-by-Step
(the golden one) and mark the lash line just like using a pencil or liquid eyeliner – make sure it’s a thin line.
Apply a single coat of mascara – just wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes and then pull up.

Dust your cheeks with a peachy blush to give them a pretty glow. Take your blush brush and instead of sweeping color on the cheeks, use a popping technique while applying it. Just put some color on the tip of the brush and pop. This will really define a look that’s really fresh and healthy glowing.

For the lips your fav lip gloss will do it. And here’s a trick: after you applied your lips gloss, trace little vertical strokes on the lower lip to make the gloss go over the full of the lip, so that light will bounce off easily and to make lips pop out more.