How to look and act like Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a beautiful girl, and a VERY talented singer and actress. But, do you ever wonder "How can i be like her?". Well with this step by step article you can!

How to look and act like Demi LovatoInstructions

  • Step1

Go to your LOCAL hairdresser. Don’t go out of your way, our pay alot of money when you can get it the same if not better for a cheaper price. Tell Him/Her that you want these things: Button bangs, Chesnut Brown haircolor, no layers, and a shine treatment (optional). When He/She is done with those things pull out an issue of J-14 magazine with a picture of Demi and tell him to style it like that. Watch closely how they do it.

  • Step2

Next, you need to go to your nearest Ulta, or Sephora and purchase some Mineral Powder. I would recomend Urban Decay because it gives awesome coverage while still looking natural and letting your skin breathe. You never see Demi with caked on liquid makeup. You will also need to buy some brown eyeliner, and some nude colored lipstick or gloss.

  • Step3

Apply as much mineral makeup as you want it isn’t going to cake. Apply it in a circular motion using your brush. (Urban Decay is made with a built in sponge.) DO NOT apply your brown eyeliner thick. Demi always keeps hers light and in a thin line around her whole eye without winged tips. If you have cracked and chapped lips buy the nude colored lipstick and some nude colored lipgloss. Apply the lipglooss first it will make it look even!

  • Step4

KEEP YPU WARDROBE SIMPLE!!!! Demi never wears gaudy things. She likes to wear simple jeans and a simple top but, adds her own "Demi" flavor to it by adding dazzling accessories like bejwled bangles..or bohemian chokers!!

  • Step5

Act polite!!!! Don’t be snotty or rude to people…as far as anybody knows…Demi is a very non-full-of-her-self kind of person!