Cool review of Precious Girls Club Board Game

By | February 27, 2012

This is the girls game about good or bad things that can happen in girl's life. I also involve daily activity and help to separate good from bad.

This exact game called “a charmed life” brings into life a lot of activities and fun, that follows you to a lifetime of good and random acts of well doing. It is possible to learn real values and virtues from the precious girls club experiences which appeared during the play. Girl players can roll the die and after move along the calendar road-path.
Cool review of Precious Girls Club Board Game
Every place contains activities where girl can earn the charm, looks like the following, "volunteered time at the local animal shelter" or, "made a new friend at school". Some places could reduce charm level for precious activities like "didn't study for a math test," and earned charm will have to be returned. So the goal to collect seven different charms and to become the winner.

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